We are AfriMove, a collaborative project centred around data-sharing through a spatial database storing GPS and related data on various African wildlife species. The purpose of the project is to facilitate data access and collaborations across research communities, allowing for large scale analyses with strong potential to provide information in support of applied conservation.
We aim to promote research and analyses on African wildlife across multiple ecosystems and species, enabling comparative studies with applications in numerous environments. We investigate species behaviour, their ecological interactions, and response to threats such as climate change, fragmentation and habitat destruction. Data contributed to AfriMove are stored securely and accessed with permission from data owners that co-author relevant articles resulting from their data, thereby promoting international networks and pan-African projects.


AfriMove members are linked through a mailing list for updates on events, activities and projects. Meetings are held annually, either virtually or physically. Meetings are great networking opportunities and often include a training component for junior scientists. Meetings are usually attended by approximately 20 AfriMove members.

IV Afrimove Meeting, Windhoek, 2024-10-11

III AfriMove meeting, Online, 2023-08-23

II Afrimove meeting, Online, 2020-05-15

Kick-off meeting, Wits University facility, Kruger, South Africa, 2018-03-09 / 2018-03-11


All published articles related to AFRIMOVE

AfriMove_1: Movement ecology of large herbivores in African savannas: current knowledge and gaps. Owen-Smith N., Hopcraft G., Morrison T., Chamaille-Jammes S., Hetem R., Bennitt E., Van Langevelde F., Mammal Review, 2020