What is EuroMammals

EUROMAMMALS is an umbrella project coordinating species-specific movement databases for several species and 1 group including different taxa:

  • roe deer (Capreolus capreolus);
  • red deer (Cervus elaphus);
  • alpine ibex (Ibex ibex);
  • wild boar (Sus scrofa);
  • eurasian lynx (Lynx lynx);
  • european wildcat (Felis silvestris);
  • small mammals (rodents, insectivores, ...).

The approach of the EUROMAMMALS projects for data and knowledge sharing has proven to be effective in creating a strong network of researchers and ultimately to produce science not possible at the single study area level. The experience and success of the pioneer project EURODEER inspired the scientific community studying movement ecology of different species to experiment the same method.

The EUROMAMMALS databases are connected, facilitating inter-species studies. EUROMAMMALS has been established to coordinate each species-specific database as much as possible.

Other communities are truly welcome to join!